World In Prayer Ministries, Inc. is the church base and parent organization of the School of Prayer; School of The Prophet; and New Beginnings International Training Institute, which are established institutions of education and training. Specialized areas are Prayer, Prophetic Intercession, Strategic Spiritual Warfare, Apostolic Prophetic ministry, Christian academic studies and Leadership Empowerment whereby the Holy Trinity-God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit- is the governing authority.

World In Prayer Ministries, Inc. is charged to impact lives and the world around us for the Kingdom of God through fervent, effective prayer. Commissioned to “Go! Ye Therefore, And Teach All Nations To Pray”, teaching the Word of God boldly, simply, and with understanding. Those who hear and apply it are transformed. To proclaim the gospel of repentance, reconciliation and restoration. To train those called to the ministry of prayer and intercession for end-time warfare. Teach the skilled mourners to weep and lament, and the men to do battle. To practice the presence of God in expectation of His manifested glory. To bring salvation, healing and deliverance to all who diligently seek Him.